What I'm taking in my backpack



Loads of people have asked the question of what I am taking my backpack.  At first I didn't have a clue, so I spent some time searching blogs and YouTube videos from those that have done it on what they recommend I should bring with me.

This is my take on all that, I've taken what I think I need for me to be comfortable - so people take far fewer items and many people take way too much.

The video has been quickly put together so the editing is a bit poor and choppy and it's also a bit long too, but hopefully it will give you an idea.

Here is the link...




  1. You've got way too much fancy gear Dave!

    Take it easy and don't get robbed. :)

  2. How many people REALLY ask you "what are the things you are going to take with you"?

  3. Haha, strangely before the trip quite a few (I'm talking at least 30 people or so); I'm even getting questions now which is quite cool. In hindsight, I took too much, and should have just bought everything in the destination countries.


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