Day 23 in the Philippines


I just wanted to share a link with you of all the photographs I've taken in Japan and Hong Kong.  There are quite a few and some very random ones that you'll no doubt find.

So if you're extremely bored at work or have nothing better to do then feel free to have a flick through.


Hong Kong:

If you have any problems viewing then just drop a message on here.



  1. Hi David: Great pictures! How's the dissertation going?
    All the best, Ian and Catherine

  2. Hi Ian and Catherine, glad you like the pictures.

    The dissertation is going painstakingly slowly but I have my plan (kind of): week one and two is all about the data; week three and four is the literature review; and week five is the final write up.

    Now in an ideal world, this will go to plan, however white beaches, late nights and SCUBA diving may interfere a little :)

  3. just seen ur pics david they are great hope u r looking after urself take care and keep us posted to ur next destination ....luv auntie kathleen

  4. Hi Dave.It's a No No to buying a bar there.Helluva long way to go for a Baileys !!.Love Mum .xxx


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