Safe and Well in Hong Kong


Just wanted to confirm that I'm safe and well in Hong Kong. I was too far south in Kyoto to feel the effects of the terrible quake and Tsunami.

My next stop is the Philippines on Monday, but will make a judgement call dependent on the Tsunami risks on Sunday night.


Location:Hong Kong


  1. THANK GOD! Just seen it on the news and thought of you straight away, also tried to call you!! Scary thought to think you were only there a couple of days ago. Glad you're okay cuz, big love Rosanna xxx

  2. ian and catherine11 March 2011 at 16:43

    Glad you're safe...thinking of you.
    All the best, Ian and Catherine

  3. Glad to hear that you're safe and well... That really was a close call though Dave... Dont do that to us, you'll give us all heart attacks lol...

    Keep bringing those blogs though... Loving the info..!! ;o)


  4. lovin the tshirt mate, where did you get that from????? lol

  5. Thanks for the messages guys and I'm guessing the last one is from you Nev. I just want to point out that it was live 3c that day with a wind, I was freezing my nipples off for that shot - which I did for you !


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