After a fast and very wet ride down the river (it is the rainforest after all); I arrived at the ship. The Anakonda.

It is an impressive vessel. Built eight moths ago with no expense spared, the Anakonda boast two diesel engines, with a combined 900 bhp. A crew of ten ensure the ship runs perfectly and that guests are very well looked after.  Housing a mixture of standard rooms and suites, the Anakonda can proudly boast itself as the most luxurious vessel in the Amazon. 

As I boarded from the canoe I was greeted by the team.  They were extremely friendly and very welcoming on what turned out to be my very own private trip. That's right, we were the only passengers on board for this trip.

We were the only passengers due to a combination of our trip being out of season and the ship being brand new, (so word has yet to go out). So we were very lucky to have the ship to ourselves and to be well looked after by the most amazing staff and crew.

I stayed in their best suite which housed a jacuzzi bath and extremely high tech shower with nozzles of water coming at you from very direction. A measure of the importance of sustainability for the Anakonda was that all water on board came from the very river we were sailing down. It is then treated on board to allow to be used for washing, flushing and brushing. There is of course copious amounts of mineral water available for you to refil your own bottles (they encourage you to use the same bottle, again to minimise the environmental impact).

Once I had settled into our room I was served lunch. Meanwhile I'll upload a video tour of the ship to the agingerabroad YouTube channel - the links are below too.

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