I suited up in trousers, boots and a long sleeved shirt; drowned myself in deet and headed off with my torch into the rainforest at night time.

The rainforest is a different world at night. It's when most of the insects and small creatures come out to hunt. For us, we saw a few interesting sights, and much to my fears we saw a lot of spiders - some were very big.

Though the awe of these creatures outweighed my fears. Their intricate webs and lightning fast reflexes make them a fascinating watch. That night they were the ones at the top of the food chain.

Turning our torches off, we just stood there for a few minutes. Listening to the rainforest talk. The constant noises of crickets, some birds, and the breaking of branches by monkeys as the move from tree to tree, created excitement and fear. For me any moment a giant 30cm spider could be webbing its way down to my face.

It was magnificent though, and genuinely i felt vary safe. The creatures are more in fear of you than you are of it. They will respect you and keep away from you, as you should do of them (a secret handshake between you and nature). But, annoy not them, and they have every right to lump some deadly toxins into your bloodstream so you collapse and become ant food. Fair enough I say.

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