Wow!  Time really does fly.  It has now been 100 days (8th June) since I left the UK to embark on this adventure of a lifetime.  So as a quick post, I'm going to list my favourite things in the first 100 days.  I will be honest, I was trying to think of enough categories to get it to a hundred, but they got more and more tedious so I thought I'd spare you the torture.

Top 10 Cities I have visited
  1. Tokyo
  2. Boracay
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Beijing
  5. Nagasaki
  6. Nara
  7. Osaka
  8. Hiroshima
  9. Manila
  10. Siem Reap

Top 10 Places to Visit
  1. Everest base camp, Nepal
  2. Cliff Jumping, Caticlan, Philippines
  3. Nagasaki Memorial Park, Japan
  4. Hiroshima Memorial Museum, Japan
  5. Birds Nest Stadium, Beijing, China
  6. Yodabashi, Osaka, Japan
  7. Osaka Train Station, Japan
  8. Killing Fields and Mass Graves, Cambodia
  9. Great Wall of China
  10. The Peak, Hong Kong 

Top 10 things I packed
  1. Halifax Clarity Credit Card (no fees at all, for anything!)
  2. Unlocked iPhone / MP3 Player
  3. Packsafe Pad Lock
  4. Book Reader (iPad) / Laptop
  5. Columbia Convertible cargo pants
  6. Great pair of flip flops
  7. Lifeventure document holder
  8. Angry Birds T-Shirt (great conversation starter!)
  9. Trek Micro Fibre towel
  10. First Aid Kit with pills galore

Top 10 Things I know now that I didn’t no before I left…
  1. Backpacking is really easy
  2. You don’t really need to pack much (if anything) get it all in the countries you’re heading too
  3. Don’t plan too much, as things can change in what you want.  Take each country as it comes
  4. Unlock your mobile phone
  5. You cannot write a thesis whilst travelling
  6. Deodorant in a can is really hard to get in Asia, and really expensive (just like suncream)
  7. You’ll make friends for life
  8. You can really do backpacking on the cheap
  9. Taking a laptop is much better than not (some computers are crap, WiFi is everywhere)
  10. Don’t skimp out on insurance (I’m glad I didn’t!)

 Top 10 Reasons to procrastinate my Thesis
  1. ‘Oh go on, one drink won’t hurt’
  2. It’s too warm
  3. It’s too cold
  4. It’s raining
  5. Beach
  6. Sightseeing
  7. Too tired from a night out
  8. Too hungover from a night out
  9. ‘What thesis?’
  10. Blog comes first

Top 10 Countries that have viewed my blog (thank you so much!)
  1. United Kingdom - 5,229
  2. United States - 372
  3. Philippines - 174
  4. Canada - 168
  5. Japan - 162
  6. South Korea - 95
  7. Germany - 77
  8. Hong Kong - 68
  9. Bulgaria - 53
  10. Australia - 46


  1. Outstanding stuff, I am very envious.

  2. Sterling work Dave ... Great readin.. I'm enjoying muchly!

  3. Hello, congratulations, happy to see you have passed the three month mark. May you enjoy freedom and bliss for the next 100 days, Yours always in friendship, travel and photography! lol x

  4. Good blog bro. But i don't know what a thesis is :) miss and love you <3

  5. Excellent Stuff Boss.

    Keep em coming!!


  6. Hmmm...
    Seeing that the last update was on June 6th, I have no idea how to phrase that nicely:


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