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Since my last post I've made a few amendments to some of the finer details of my route. The biggest change is that after 10 days in Japan (my first stop) I'll head over to the Philippines for between 3-4 weeks.

The Philippines is paradise, and the descriptions and photographs remind me of the Maldives. It's a good country to spend quite a bit of time in too as accommodation, food and drink is cheap, and I mean ridiculously cheap. To give you one example, the cost of a pint of beer is 45p and in some parts it's as low as 24p!

So back to my route. The video I've linked in this update is from Barnsley to Cairns. I've not yet decided, for sure, the length of time I'm staying in Australia, but now have confirmed a one year working visa, an Australian bank account and tax code. So it's certainly giving me some flexibility as to when I hit South America (ideally by the time I can speak really good Spanish!).

In the video the resolution is a bit pants, but hopefully you can see the route and places clear enough (if not you can always ask what they are). I expect, for this part of the route to cover around 25,000 miles. That just seems an insane amount. The scary bit is that the whole trip should cover around 50,000 miles!

Right, enjoy the video and the fantastic 'Florence and the Machine' soundtrack!

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